Hi my Goddesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a while and Noooooo I'm not leaving for good lol but I am doing something that you guys will be interested in! 😂

I have started a Instagram Account by being a virtual stylist so this is going to be a process a longgggggg process but the good news is I got a couple of fits right now on my Instagram and I'm utilizing as many retail stores as possible and being a trendsetter is number 1 when being a fashion student like myself because people are always going to be curious where certain pieces are coming from so I always like to help anybody the best that I can!!

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So initially my original username was @anastasiagoddess01 and I created my Instagram page yesterday and so many people will take username names so there was a lady that already took anastasiagoddess I just decided to add the 01 but then I looked on other girls' Instagram pages and it either has "fashion" or "styled by" so my brand new Instagram name from now on will be @styledbyzaria97" so feel free to follow me. 😊

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If any beautiful goddess like yourself need any assistance with styling for a certain occasion you can always DM me on Instagram for styling Inquires and it'll also be $5 for styling inquires!!! My CashApp name will be in my highlights on my page!!!

Instagram Username: @styledbyzaria97

I will see you Goddesses later!!!!!!!!!!💗💗💗💗