Name: Victoria
Birthday:November 27th
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius♐
hair, aesthetic, and beauty image black eyes, brown eyes, and dark image freckles, girl, and smile image attractive, belly, and black image
Long ginger hair and half of them are bleached (like her aunt's Narcissa ,dark brown eyes, light brown eyebrows, some freckles on her face, hourglass body shape.
Style(outside classes)
aesthetic, body, and corset image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image fashion, style, and purple image clothes, model, and aesthetic image
She loves clothes and she just can't pick an aesthetic, she wears lots of jewelry and experiments with makeup.
book, green, and aesthetic image green, slytherin, and snake image slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, slytherin, and aesthetic image
harry potter image harry potter, wand, and magic image harry potter, hogwarts, and wand image harry potter and wands image
Aspen wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½" and reasonably supple flexibility
animal, beautiful, and blue image etsy, sterling brooch, and vintagevoguetreasure image animals, clouds, and horses image Image removed
Dun Stallion
cat, animal, and black image owl, aesthetic, and white image owl, white, and animal image black, cat, and nails image
A black male cat named Kishan and a white-brown female owl named Tris.
Blood Status
blood, flowers, and girl image famosos, girl, and stars image beautiful, decor, and furniture image art, building, and gold image
Pure blood(but she believes all blood statuses are the same).
crow, ravenclaw, and raven image harry potter, sirius black, and sirius image book, harry potter, and magic image black, hand, and grunge image
Black(Her father is Sirius Black but her mother never told him about Victoria even though her mother and her were in touch with the rest of the family and Victoria always knew who her father was .When Victoria was at the third year at Hogwarts and her mother had passed away due to a serious illness, she met him and told him everything after his escape from Azkaban. Sirius was shocked when he found out but he made a lot of effort to get to know his daughter. In the end, they built a strong relationship.)
Favourite Classes
gif, harry potter, and ancient runes image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed harry potter image
She likes almost all classes but she can't get enough of these.
Favourite Spells
gif, harry potter, and spell image gif, harry potter, and spell image gif, harry potter, and spell image gif, harry potter, and spell image
Favourite Professor
aesthetic, brown, and pack image harry potter and remus lupin image wolf, animal, and nature image harry potter, aesthetic, and marauders map image
Remus Lupin
Amortentia Scent
Image by Tahire62 accessory, book, and city image beach, burning, and burnt image Image by ℒŮℵẴ
Turkish coffee,book's pages,burning wood(not promoting to harm forests) and the ground after rain.
dark academia, aesthetic, and harry potter image hogwarts, harry potter, and stairs image harry potter, hermione granger, and hermione image harry potter, hogwarts, and home image
Even though Victoria is in Slytherin, she is kind and she goes along with a lot of the other students from different houses. Her best friends are Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Fred and George Weasley. She didn't get along with Harry Potter until Sirius Black made them talk to each other to find out what was wrong. Because they were Sirius's only family they did what he said and at the end they became friends. In addition, Draco is her cousin and a close friend of hers; they are bonded since she is the only family member that stays by his side. Victoria helps him with family matters and tries to get him to be more polite to others and Draco is coaching her at Quidditch and always defends her. Victoria doesn't really like the girls that are in Slytherin but she goes along with most of the boys. One of her good friends in Slytherin is Blaise Zabini. Also she hangs out with Luna Lovegood because she finds Luna's weirdness fascinating. Last but not least ,Cedric Diggory is a very good friend of hers too.
Love interests
harry potter, wicked, and weasley image Image removed cedric diggory image harry potter, weasley twins, and fred weasley image
The third year Victoria had a huge crush on Cedric Diggory and she decided to confess it to him. Cedric told her that she was a friend to him and that he didn't want to ''destroy'' their friendship. Victoria avoided him for a couple of weeks but later things became the same between them. She was devastated when he passed away and she will never forget him. Victoria and Fred had always had chemistry, both of them were fun and mischievous ,they were best friends and he was her childhood crush. George was teasing them a lot but she didn't think he was being serious until Fred decided to talk to her about his feelings and since Victoria felt attracted to him they decided to date and later they became a couple. Their friendship became even stronger and they loved each other a lot.

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