Appearance: Dark skin, pink lips, long black hair and big brown eyes

girl, model, and beautiful image lips, lipstick, and makeup image Temporarily removed eye, eyes, and brown image

Style: Hippie and bohemian

girl, tattoo, and hair image summer, hipster, and indie image fashion, outfit, and clothes image Temporarily removed

Spirit animal: Owl

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed owl, animal, and eyes image owl, galaxy, and eyes image

Hobbies: Read books and collect gemstones & crystals

Temporarily removed book, magic, and minerals image book, vintage, and history image Temporarily removed

Powers: Cast spells, communicate with animals, heal others and look into the future

Image removed art, cat, and girl image healing, crystal, and stone image neon, grunge, and light image

Home: Cozy home with a lot of blankets, pillows and magic crystals. House near the woods

house, nature, and forest image mirror, crystal, and moon image home, bed, and bedroom image Temporarily removed


- I am curious and open to new impressions
- I have a heart of gold and always sees the good in people
- I love animals, especially cats
- I choose friends carefully, and take good care of the few I have
- I love my family and loved ones, and take extra good care of them
- I am mysterious and magical in the way I am, and the way I speak
- I have my flaws, and accept them