Hey guys, I just wanted to give everyone an update. I've been wanting to write something for a while now, but I just haven't quite found the words. So this is going to be a general catch up on my life, perhaps with fragments of what I've been thinking of saying.

I'm two weeks into my second year at university and already, so much is different than my first year. In a good way being that I'm more at ease with being away from home and I've been keeping in contact a lot more with people back at home. In a way that is not necessarily bad, this second year seems to contain an importance. This is the year that I start moving towards my career path.

Like many things, it's at once nerve wracking and exciting. The scary part is knowing that I have to grow and to grow, I have to push myself out of my comfort zone. Having this awareness adds another layer of worry. I remind myself often of this quote: "If you stress too much about something before it happens, you basically put yourself through it twice."

I believe that I've grown in the past year, but I'm still managing work similarly. I'm still working on not being so hard on myself, not expecting perfection and balancing life in so many ways. Having that awareness allows me to stay positive in the face of any challenge, big or small.

I know that this year, like every other, will take determination and patience, yet, despite the stress already building up in the beginning of this semester, I've been pretty happy lately, thinking of how much I can learn.

So to anyone else starting school, work or some kind of project again,
I wish you not just the best of luck, but everything you need and everything you have within yourself to achieve your potential this year.