Fall is such a great time of year for fashion. You get to dress cozy yet trendy. There's a few different styles of clothing when it comes to fall fashion so take this quiz to see which best suits you!

1. What are you most likely to do during the fall season?

A. Work at or attend a haunted house attraction
B. Take a bike ride through a park to see the fall foliage
C. Try out that new fall drink at Starbucks

2. What's a staple in your fall wardrobe?

A. Leather jacket
B. Cable knit sweater
C. Knee high boots

3. Which fall date appeals to you the most?

A. Attending a fright fest
B. Listening to a record player and sipping coffee
C. Going on a hayride and picking pumpkins

4. What fall shoes are your go-to?

A. Combat boots or sneakers
B. Moccasins or oxfords
C. Uggs or booties

5. Favorite fall nail color?

A. Black
B. Burgundy
C. Light purple

6. How are you most likely to celebrate Halloween?

A. Scaring the sh*t out of people
B. Watching old black and white horror movies
C. Dressing up with the girls

MOSTLY A's - Edgy

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You're an edgy kinda girl who loves creating mischief during the spooky season! A leather or denim jacket paired with combat boots would be a great match on you. Add even more edge with space buns and some layering necklaces.

MOSTLY B's - Vintage

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You're more of an old-school kinda gal who appreciates the little things in life. Match that easy going personality with a cozy cardigan or sweater paired with some mom jeans and a belt.

MOSTLY C's - Girly

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You're a girly girl who enjoys the food, drinks, and romantic dates of fall! Make sure you're ready for the fun by pairing a sweater and leggings with some knee high boots.