i've seen these around and i absolutely love disney, so i decided to make one too! this is kinda a mess, so sorry 'bout that, i guess

aesthetic, girl, and blue image earring, earrings, and fashion image

➳ favorite princess movies

tangled, disney, and rapunzel image Temporarily removed
tangled | the princess and the frog

➳ favorite non-princess movies

disney, simba, and timon image disney, lilo, and stitch image mulan, disney, and princess image bolt, dog, and disney image
the lion king | lilo & stitch | mulan | bolt

➳ favorite pixar movie

coco, disney, and pixar image animation and coco image

➳ favorite sidekicks

Temporarily removed lion king image mulan, disney, and mushu image Temporarily removed
maximus | timon & pumba | mushu (& cricket) | olaf

➳ favorite princesses

aladdin, disney, and icon image disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image moana, disney, and princess image ariel, disney, and cartoon image
rapunzel | belle | moana | ariel

➳ favorite prince

disney, tangled, and flynn rider image disney princess, rapunzel, and tangled image
eugene fitzherbert

➳ favorite hero & heroine

cartoon, disney, and mood image Temporarily removed
peter pan | mulan

➳ favorite villains

maleficent, disney, and movie image disney and villain image
maleficent | scar

➳ favorite character

stitch, cartoon, and disney image stitch, disney, and stich image
stitch must be my all time favorite disney character! he's the fluffiest :(

➳ favorite live actions

Image removed edit, descendants, and vsco image
maleficent | descendants

➳ first movie

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
the fox and the hound, i think.

➳ favorite songs

moana, disney, and princess image animated, cartoon, and disney image animation, coco, and disney image disney, aladdin, and jasmine image
few of my favorites are how far i'll go & you're welcome from moana, i just can't wait to be a king & hakuna matata from the lion king, remember me & un poco loco from coco and a whole new world from aladdin. i do like many others too! most disney songs are honestly some of the best songs ever.
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i hope you enjoyed reading this! :)