yes I'm an extra bitch and have to write about the first time Ariana noticed me.well I brought a 14k twitter account of someone with an Ariana follow you can buy it of twitter rat zone but I did last time and got scammed. my whole priority was an Ariana Grande follow so I brought it. so a week later I was in Specsavers getting my eyes tested then after that my mam went to bank I saw Ariana was really active like really active noticing everyone so I stayed online trying to get a notice I was outside of jd and replied to her tweet (she tweeted how Paris were so loud but it was too hot and how she almost passed out because of the heat too) so I replied back saying THE ENERGY LAST NIGHT YALL WERE SO HOT YET YOU AND THE CROWD WERE AMAZING then she replied back with a few emojis I was outside jd shaking I didn't see her in my notifications because it was all crowded with spam comments I first tweeted omg then I posted on twitter then I was in McDonalds shaking I was NOT OKAY then the next week after on the Friday at like 2am she liked my tweet where I replied back saying I LOVE YOU SO MUCH it was the best feeling ever like after 5 years she finally knows who I am I'm not trying to sound like a bitch or have a bitchy attitude but that notice really made me feel valid and way more closer to Ariana knowing she knows I'm a fan its so surreal just treasure the moment 2 weeks later now and I'm still trying to get noticed again skssjskskksks I miss her in my notifications so yeah this is the article today I feel so full of happiness typing this! I've literally won at life. my only tip is be fast whenever she is active that's the best wat and don't be to annoying lmao I think she's muted me I spammed her so much the last few days. ok anyways bye my next article will be when I see her live THIS Thursday.