Hi! Because the summer is almost over and we aren't that much outside anymore, we have to take care of our skin more. So I want to share my daily skincare routine with you. It's just what I like most!! Have fun reading xx



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I start my morning cleaning my face! I usually use a foam cleanser for this. sometimes I still remove other remains with rose water


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Water is the best! rinse in front of your face, cold! but also for drinking, because this also makes your face healthier


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after I have cleaned my face, I will apply a moisturizer. I use an under eye cream and a day cream. Sometimes I also apply sunscreen!



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after a long day I am happy when I can remove my makeup and all the dirt from my face. I do this with a makeup remover cream and I spread this over my face with a cotton ball, then I usually rinse it off in the shower


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In the shower I scrub my face, usually one or two times a week and the other times I use a cleanser.


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One or two times a week I use a mask, I prefer sheet masks or creme masks!


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I also use a moisturizing cream in the evenings, sometimes I also add a night oil


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before I go to bed, I also rub my lips, because I quickly have dry lips and so they are nicely shiny the next day
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