Here are some of the things I love about our friendship:

Deep Talks

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I love how I can talk to her about everything. And when I say everything I mean it. My fears, my ambitions, my dreams and my problems. I love it when we stay up all night talking about life. Some deep talks will be kept in my memory forever. Some will be kept as good ones (like the one in Ericeira) and some will be kept as hard ones (like the one when we cried together for hours after watching that damn movie).

Tickle fights

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I don't think a day goes by that I don't tickle her or she tickles me at least once. Our tickle fights could seriously be considered a martial art! It gets soooo aggressive! But it is also one of the things I love the most about us. I love how easy it is to tickle her and how instantly she starts laughing. Some would call it torture but I think it has kind of became our thing. To fight until one of us barely can't breathe. Not to brag but that person is normally her.


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We met through volleyball and without a doubt that playing is one of my favorite things to do with her. The key word with her is definitely patience. Because she doesn't know the meaning of "warming up", because her aim is horrible and because she's always slapping my butt. Now if you don't play any sport you might find this odd but if you do play you understand that it is a common thing to do. The thing is that with her, slapping butts has turned into a competition! So yeah, patience is definitely the word to use. But seriously she's my partner and I wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world (maybe Afonso Reis but only him). I'm the proudest partner in the world to have watched her grow into the brilliant player she is now!


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Let me start by saying I couldn't possibly have found a worst chef assistant than her. Not even something as simple as a mug cake that has like 4 ingredients and it's done in the microwave she can do properly! But the truth is cooking with her is fun! I don't like cooking but we always make such a mess and we're so clueless that it turns out to be super fun! It's those simple moments that make me adore her! Like when we had to search for jelly in the mousse! Super gross but it was hilarious! Something so stupid that became a memory... One day we'll get there... Or maybe not!

Hugs and cuddles

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This is definitely one of the things I love and need the most about her. Sometimes when everything is falling apart, when I am falling apart, all I need is a hug from her to keep my shit together. Sometimes I don't even notice how much I need it. Sometimes everything is as perfect as it can be but the fact is that her hugs are welcome at any time. It's the place where I feel the safest, when she's holding me. Super cheesy I know but it's the truth. I don't need much to be happy and when I'm sad I don't need her to say a lot. I just need a sleepover, a cute movie and lots of cuddles and all of the sudden I'll feel good as new.

Well, these are 5 of the things I love the most about us...Before ending just need to leave here one more thing!

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You see she's one of those annoying people that has the ability of falling asleep wherever whenever just like that. So you think you're going to spend quality time with your best friend and she falls asleep on top of you. It's on the bus, while studying, face timing... We once were watching a movie together and like 10 minutes after it had started she fell asleep and only woke up in the end. Because I'm not that kind of person that sleeps easily, this is like really irritating...

Now it's done! Love uuu lots!