Hi my golden spirits! ☼ First, I wanted to THANK YOU very much bc we reached 4,8K subscribers and omg this is so huge for a little French girl like me. But, hey, you begin to know me, right? My passion for aesthetic things (it's my midheaven in Libra that speaks) is back, and today, we're gonna do the W.I.T.C.H.! It was my favorite cartoon as a child and, still nowadays, I can't resist to some witchy adventures with this team sometimes!

WILL VANDOM (sign: capricorn)

hair dye, red hair, and short hair image magic, Marvel, and wanda maximoff image Temporarily removed Image by Made By Cyberlife couple, love, and boy image Temporarily removed

IRMA LAIR (sign: pisces)

Image by lime food, cake, and chocolate image school, ew, and tumblr image ocean, waves, and blue image Black Sabbath, led zeppelin, and MGMT image turtle, cute, and animal image

TARANEE COOK (sign: aries)

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed camera, photography, and vintage image fire and hands image love, dance, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

CORNELIA HALE (sign: taurus)

hair, blonde, and long hair image marauders image plants and photography image Image by Bailey Cook mirror, gold, and vintage image hands, leaves, and nature image

HAY LIN (sign: gemini)

girl, korean, and ulzzang image socks, galaxy, and clothes image Temporarily removed Image by abi Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

That's it! I hope you liked the aesthetics. My favorite witch is Cornelia, because we have a lot in common: i'm also blond, tall, and I love green way too much.

xoxo from France