Name : Aya
Age : 20 y/o

Apperance : Light skin , Red lips , Long dark blue hair , Deep blue eyes.

girl, piercing, and pale image Temporarily removed aesthetic, blue, and dark blue image eye, blue, and eyes image

Style : Casual.

fashion and style image black, black and white, and fashion image clothes, clothing, and fashion image fashion, style, and jeans image

Familiar : White wolf.

wolf, animal, and white image wolf, white, and animal image forest image wolf, animal, and black and white image

Hobbies : She likes to draw and to garden.

art, Brushes, and vintage image garden, aesthetic, and cottage image flowers, botany, and photography image blue, art, and aesthetic image

Powers : She can control the water , making potions , reading minds.

water, fish, and magic image potion, aesthetic, and harry potter image

Home : White house close to the garden and the river.

nature, photography, and summer image aesthetic, nature, and fairy image

Personality :
- She is always looking to take up.
- She is very good at rallying support for something she think is worthwhile.
- She always need solitude the way others need air.
- Studious and frank.
- She is inventors and definitely dance to the beat of her own drum.
- She live very much in her head.
- She have ability to finish what she start.
- She is eccentric , caring and enigma.
- She is intensely loyal and protective.
- She is very picky about who she become friends with.
- She is always mysterious.
- She has trust issues.
- When she falls in love she falls hard and she can be totally blind by it.
- She is bad but in the same time she is very kind.
- No one can understand her only the right person.