Name: Chase DeVil


fashion, aesthetic, and fur image cars image character, edit, and enchanted forest image fashion image
Cruella DeVil
abs, alternative, and arms image animal, antlers, and bones image comida, food, and food porn image sea spirits distillery, best rum redmond, and coconut flavored rum image
Gaston LeGume


hair image eyes, boy, and eye image Temporarily removed abs, muscles, and six pack image
Black hair with a white streak, Green eyes, muscular


man, red, and style image Temporarily removed outfit, coat, and fashion image Image by Wolfsluder
Expensive, Classy


boy, smile, and guy image art, mirror, and painting image Mature image Image removed
Full of himself, confident, sly


house, dark, and gothic image stairs, vintage, and house image luxury, house, and mansion image black and white image
Cruella's Manor is black on the outside and white on the inside


closet, home, and white image interior, house, and home image decor, design, and home image architecture, building, and design image


men, model, and red image black, business, and fashion image
He wore a red suit with a white shirt and black shoes

Saving Ben

Temporarily removed
A black suit and red gloves


drawing, fashion, and art image microphone and smoke image
Fashion Design and drawing, singing


sofía carson, evie, and descendants image hair, boy, and white image
Evie and Carlos are his only true friends from the Isle

Love Interest

boys, guy, and guys image royal image Temporarily removed boy, blonde, and luke hemmings image
Chad Charming: First Chad just comes to Chase for fashion advice and custom made pieces but slowly starts to come around just to see Chase

Solo Song

designer cufflinks and designer hand cufflinks image coat, men, and suit image
"Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top. He sings it in Auradon, after people find out he's an expert in fashion and they are taken by the exciting new fashion from the Isle.

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