personal infomation;
full name: Lee Sunhi (이선희)
stage name: Sunhi (선희)
behind: sunhi means joy/obedience but she likes to say it comes from sunshine
birthday: 15/06/00
birth place: Kyoto, Japan
nationality: korean
language(s): korean, japanese
position(s): lead vocal, center, maknae

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- Sunhi grew up and lived most of her life in Japan. She first came to South Korea to visit her aunt, which lives in Busan. She spent a week there, and enjoyed her time there a lot, she was almost a bit sad to leave the city. After this, she would often comes again for a week or two, saying she miss her aunt (which was true) but mainly to spend more time in Busan. One day, while walking aroud Busan, she saw a couple hanging out (Xana and Richy) and thought the girl was so pretty, she wanted to be her friend. But she lost tracks of her and soon had to go back to Kyoto. It was around Christmas time, shopping with her aunt, she saw the girl again. She didn't wait a second, and literally run to her, asking if they could be friend. Sunhi then, spent all her time in Busan with the girl, Xana, who introduced her to the rest of her close friends group. It was after joining SK1P, she finally moved in with Xana in Seoul.

- the actual youngest but looks older
- only dyes her hair to blonde
- likes pulling pranks on the other members
- always talking about japan
- really likes it when people ask her about kyoto
- told the members she would take them all to japan for their 1st anniversary
- social butterfly, everyone knows her
- started talking in dialect after hanging out with the boys
- the one in charges of cooking and baking
- gets tired easily

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( everyday fashion; she may dies if she isn't in purple or pink, strangely really comfortable in dresses )
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( airport fashion; purple4ever, tries to show less skin and to keep it simple [cant really] )



ig: @/sunshini
↳ followers: 10,8M
↳ bio: let me make your life brighter

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should i get something like this guys?? // missing japan hours


romance life;
Right after their debut, she made sure everyone knew she was bisexual, as it's really important to her and she doesnt like misunderstandings. Sunhi is the most comfortable in the group to talk about sexualities, she really likes it when fans asks her questions around it, weither it was personal or just by curiosity. She's currently single.

close friends;

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(everglow's yiren ; nct's chenle ; izone's yena [her bestfriend] and sakura)