Today, you asked me what do I think about you. The problem is, I don’t know what should I think of you. I know that I think about you most of the time. I think about the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you say my name. I think about your smile and wonder am I reason behind it and your lips, I visualize your lips more then I should. I want to know how they taste and will they move perfectly with mine. Every time that I see a color blue I see the image of your eyes in my head, blue eyes started haunting me in my night dreams. They are the mix of green and blue and sometimes I have the feeling that they hold the weight of the whole world. At the end it’s not the color that’s important to me; it’s the way you look at the things around you. In your eyes world seems to be little better, little more perfect and a little more magnificent. I think about your face and how I want to put my hands on your cheeks and tell that everything will be okay, but I can’t. I imagine the way I would undress you and feel your skin under mine, but I can’t. I want to be your beautiful mistake but I can’t. Who knows, maybe another time, in another life; today we can’t, today you belong to someone else.
So I don’t know what do I think about you.