As the title say, this article is about a book club. I kinda want to make a book club on here in We Heart It, but it must be really weird if I start completely alone without a member. I mean, if I the only one a member of the club, it means nothing at all. Obviously that's not a club in the first place, if there's no any member. So, what I'm trying to say is that if you interest with this idea, let me know that you want to joining the club with me. Just send me a DM/ message that you agree with the idea. Here's the thing what club activity that I want to do:

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  • The theme of the club is you must read one book for a month. If you think that this rule is kinda hard to you, at least you shared what a book you currently reading and you attempting to finish it until the end. So there's no excuses to not finished the book just because you couldn't finish it on one month, and you just give up and trying to read another book or not read anything at all. Dedication and consistent is a key, my friends.
  • I wouldn't share more Info about the club until I really have a member of the club, at least just one person (beside me, ofc). My another rule, or idea is I would make a sharing collection about the club, and we would share an article or image post on there about what a book that we currently reading. And there's no any specific what a book that you should read, just tell me and everybody else about the genre of the book. Be free to read anything that you want to read at that time and share it together. Very simple rule, cause I hate complicated things. This is kinda help me a little bit, really suit me really well. I hope it does to you!
  • Please, please, please, DM or message me if you really want to be a part of the club. Also, be free to ask me anything about this club too. I will be waiting your respond!
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With all being said, I hope you, who is currently reading until this far, have an amazing day wherever you're in the world and also joining my club! It would be really nice. Thank you so much for your time, and please don't forget to give it a heart or reaction if you like it!

Have a nice day & see you later, babes! ♡

Much Love,

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