hello hearters!

i have seen this concept too many times on youtube and was like "why not create a whole concept about it but this time on whi.

so here i am, showing y'all my upopular and uninteresting k-pop opinions.

1. zιмzαℓαвιм ωαѕ иσт α gσσ∂ ѕσиg вυт ѕтιℓℓ α gσσ∂ тιтℓє тяα¢к

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when red velvet dropped the song, i was excited for it as they hadn't release a song in ages, but then as i saw the mv and listened to the song, i just thought it was incoherent and i immediately disliked it. however, i found myself, i found myself sub-cousciously singing the song non-stop because as bad as it was, it was still catchy and the rythm was so easy to remember.

2. ¢αи'т у'αℓℓ ѕєє тнαт נєииιє ιѕ ѕυffєяιиg?

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at first, i too hated on jennie and i sincerely regret it. i also used to think that she deserved the yg princess title because for me, she was so arrogant that i couldn't see through that smile. however, i've grown up, and i now know more about depression. my doubts started when i read that one of the signs of depression was extreme fatigue. then, while i was scrolling through my youtube feed, a video caught my attention. it was about how jennie is not who we all think she is. i clicked on it, and my heart broke. i am not going to fully describe the video, but 5 minutes was enough to change my opinion on her completely.

3. ι'∂ яαтнєя тнαт αℓℓ втѕ мємвєяѕ єиℓιѕт тσgєтнєя тσ мιℓιтαяу тнαи ѕєє тнєм gσ σиє ву σиє

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let me explain guys, i am a big army, and they are actually my ultimates. however, if they all go together, it means that after 2 years, they will all come back together, while if they go one by one, the group will always be missing one or two members. and believe me, my poor army heart will not bare to see the group incomplete because all of them are bts, and no member should be left out of the equation.

4. gσттα gσ ιѕ ѕтιℓℓ ¢нυиgнα'ѕ вєѕт ѕσиg

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chungha's snapping is a bop and we can all agree on this, however my lil personal favorite is gotta go. i can't really explain why, i guess it's just my personal taste that differs.

i'm done with the first part! don't worry guys, i will publish another part soon enough! thank you for reading! ily!