Full Name - Theodore Lysander Atkinson
Age - 17
Birthday - 16th July
Nationality - English (Mum' Side) and American (Dad's Side)

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Slim ~ Greyish Green Eyes ~ Curly Dark Brown Hair ~ 6' 1" ~ Back Freckles

Birth Place

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London (His Family Moved to Idaho When He Was 15)


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Teddy Is Very Introverted, and Prefers to Read, Write Poetry, and Compose Music Than Make Friends. He's Very Protective Over His Sister, and Can Be Violent


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He Wears A Lot Of Casual Clothes, and Simple Colours


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Dad ~ Lysander Atkinson, University (College) English Literature Professor
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Mum ~ Diana Atkinson, University (College) Neuroscience Professor
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Sister ~ Honey Atkinson, 6

Best Friends

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(In America) Christian Moore, 18
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(In England) Chandler Smith, 17


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He Works Part Time In A Library/Book Store