Hello lovely friends, here I am with an article in collaboration with @HRHBeezieBee. I'm gonna tell you our memories since we were children.

1. Love Disney Princess ( I love Princess Ariel and Princess Jasmine, she loves Princess Cinderella and Princess Belle )

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We still love them and I think we gonna love them forever.

2. Writing stories with Queen Elsa ( my favorite ) and Gypsy Esmeralda ( her favorite )

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We made our own stories with them, we used photos and we changed the original story just a little bit.

3. Singing after Disney Princess

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We used to sing along when we were home alone, most of the time at her house, it is bigger and we pretened that the house is the castle.

4. Coloring

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This activity is still the favorite,when we were children this was for real our homework and we still do this when we have time and is the best way to end a full and stressful day.

5. Recreated the dance from the movie Barbie Princess and the Pauper

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I was Erika and she was Anneliese, but in the first place I liked the Princess and she liked the Pauper but we made a change because I see myself more in Erika and she sees herself more in Anneliese.

6. We collected little things, like, Disney Princess dolls, books, accessories, toys

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We still have this things, we have a special wardrobe where we keep them and we continue to buy some other little things.
This are some of our memories we share, there are more because when you are a child you enjoy and live every single moment. So if you are still a child or if you have little brothers or sisters, play with them, let your inner child be happy again, it is not about the age, it is about what you feel and what you live, be a child, when nobody's watching.