Yes, everyone, we're back writing and reading articles about school and how to survive its testes, classmates and homeworks.

Some of you have already started school, so I guess this article is a little late for you but for people like me who are still on summer holidays, this one for you.

One of the most discussed topic of 2019 was climate change, thanks to Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old girl who every friday skipped school to protest against climate changes. Thanks to her and other people like Leonardo Di Caprio, more and more people started to raise awareness about this HUGE problem which affects everyone and everything.

We all buy many things for school in general, things that can be dangerous for the planet. So I started to think things that I should buy and not buy for the upcoming year.


So many books, so little time.
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I don't have to tell you how many trees are broke down for the textbooks that we use in school. But we need books, so what can we do?

One option is to buy used books, from other students, friends and stalls that nearly every big town has. I recommend this especially to college students who usually are broke since second-hand textbooks are cheaper, and if you sell yours you can earn something.
Some books are available in pdf format which is cheaper and easier to carry with yourself.

Hydro flask

by VSCO girl

I think many of you have seen those memes about "VSCO girls" and their obsession with hydro flasks and metal straws. Well, funny or not, you should get one. They are cheap, easy to carry and will save you money because instead of buying a water bottle you'll just need to fill the one that you already have.

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Or if you don't want to, you can simply re-use one plastic bottle as many times as you can.

Notebooks with recycled paper

Ok, so notebooks or diaries with recycled paper are not easy to find if you don't live in a big city but it's not impossible. You can buy them on the internet or buy from companies who will donate a part of their money to organisations about animals, climate change or the planet.

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Highlighters and Correction Fluid

These two things are very dangerous and pollutants for the planet.

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Try to use as less highlighters as possible and to not use correction fluid.

Use old stuff

It's impossible that you used all the stuff that you bought in the past so try to look for pens, rubbers, notebooks. All you can find and use again.


Ok, so. Imma say it. You don't need to buy new clothes every year.

The fashion industry is one of the many causes for climate change, and we are making it worse by buying so many unnecessary clothes every year.

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Simple is better, remember.

That's it for this article. I know it's very simple but we need to try our best to wing against this huge problem that may kill us all.

I hope this school year will be the best for you. Good luck with everything.