Hello everyone :-) I was reading some articles here and I found so many of them with this topic. So I decided to write one too because I think it's really good idea to write something about myself and read something about the other and find some things that we have incommon and talk about that.

My name is Michaela but everybody calls me Miška. I am 21 and I am from Slovakia. I have two siblings (sister and brother) and amazing big family. I am student on Technical university and I study Geotourism. It's about tourism and also geology and it's not that bad as I expected haha.

blue sky, bratislava, and building image
Bratislava castle

I really love travelling but I don't travel abroad a lot. Firstly I want to see a lot of cities and things here in my country because I think when you want to see the world you should firstly know your homeland. Slovakia is really beautiful and has so many beautiful places to show so I am discovering it.

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I love hiking and being in nature. My condition is not that good as I thought and some times when we are hiking I am the last or for me it takes longer to get somewhere and many times I am thinking why am I doing this. But when I am up and I can see the view I get my answer. It's about getting out of my comfort zone and see the beauty of crossing the boundaries which I am putting in my head. It's amazing.

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Books are for me escape from reality. I love reading and writing. I write poems and once I would like to write a book but I am really impatiant so I don't know if I will make it haha. But this is really something close to me and it's a way how I can show what I feel and what is in my head and trust me sometimes there is a really big mess.

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I played football for 4 or 5 years but I broke my ankle and it was never like before so I decided to end it. But it was really amazing and seeing boys firstly don't let me play with them and then when they saw me playing looking at their faces was the best feeling ever. People say girls should not play football bc they can't play it like men. It's bullshit. I know so many girls who are feeling the game and they are as good as men.
I also like swimming, watching ice hockey and roller blades.

As you can see I write a lot I can't just write "I played football and I like it" I have to write the whole story about this haha. But I also talk a lot so for me find some topics is not problem. I also like beer and going out with my friends, languages, music, movies, candels, spending time with my family, food and needlework.

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I don't know what to write more about me. If you would like to know me better or talk don't hesitate to write me I think it can be fun to meet someone new. My instagram is ° mistagram_lp ° if you want to see some photos of my travelling through Slovakia.

I hope you liked this article and maybe if you have not written article like this yet you can try it and show us something about you. Thank you for reading and see you soon, :-)