this article is for people who are thinking; "who on earth is this?"
i guess u could call this an intro ?
if u want my socials or want to see who i stan go to: earthboundzero carrd.co/

anyways hi, im mel. i live in singapore. i turned 16 in august so i can now join a trade union. i actually started this account around 2015-16? i dont rlly remember but i just wanted nice pics to use in my fan edits, nothing more.

but then one day my friend Rissa sent me some really nice pictures and told me i could post them on whi. so I did, and one of the posts blew up so thx! (the mountain picture from my starry night collection)

as u can see from what i heart, i like alot of stuff. mostly kpop, ruel, animal crossing (sorry to inform u this but i lost my wild world ds card so i only have pocket camp now), and a whole lot of other stuff. I used to do those fandom edits but I quit bc its so time-consuming and i have alot of commitments. Was a pretty nice hobby for 4 years but it's time for me to grow up and start taking life seriously.

I'm gonna end the article here because writing this was nervewrecking to say the least. If anyone wants to be friends i'm totally up for it, just dm me! But i only check this app every other day so if u want a faster reply go to my ig dm (i won't be on as frequently on that either because of exams) i'll try to reply to you as fast as possible <3

and if you've made it this far i applaud u because i cant bring myself to proofread this whole chaotic mess of an article. so good job.

have a good day, and remember to stay hydrated or else :)