I cried just enough till my eyes bleed, the tears take me away and take my mind to a place that’s lost. My thoughts leave my body making me empty Contracting my emotions and leaving them to go cold, leaving myself to be alone with my thoughts.

Our eyes glass like letting each other see through, letting us see the hurt. but staring too long trying to fix what we created cuts my fingertips as I reach for his love. This overlapping feeling of being unwanted, this nothingness I feel until I look in his eyes, his eyes open my thoughts once again.

One look, one stare Into his eyes I can see his soul, I see how he cares but I can tell he dosnt know how to handle it, he dosnt know whats right from wrong, he dosnt know how he controls my feelings just by one simple phrase, “I love you “.
At times when I feel like giving up everything stops, the time, world, tears and my mentality. I realise I care too much to leave him but Is it worth the conflict im turning on myself, is it worth feeling like im not good enough? Self hate is strong, I hate the way he loves me and when im broken he tries to glue back the pieces but they aren’t arranged correctly, the next time I break he gives the order another try trying to peace me back together but with every break fragments are lost and parts are unfixable.