I actually never thought it would be possible for me to fall in love again.
To trust and rely on a human being after all of those betrayals. There were times when I thought maybe I've already had my chances.

I never thought I'd find someone who actually truly would respect and value me. Not even mentioning adore me. I actually thought that maybe love doesn't really exist. Maybe for some, but not for me.

But he came out of nowhere and proved me wrong. There is love, for all of us, it just takes time and dosen't always come easy. And after you've got it, it still isn't easy.

I've learned that love is probably the best feeling in the world, but it also hurts. It will always take patience, trust and some tears. But it will give you so much more laughter, security and kindness. And in those cases it's usually worth the pain.

Love is all about forgiving. forgetting and figuring out if you're ready to do all of this for one person. And the best feeling is when you realize that yes, the two of you actually want this. You want each other, so you figure it out and get trough it all, together.