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Lithuanian! I'm proud! It's a small country but very beautiful and full of intelligent people.


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Lithuanian too :)

Zodiac sign

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Pisces. And I looove water.. I even love sharks.


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Burgundy and dark royal blue. They are very elegant and looks very good.

Hair & eyes

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My hair is dark brown. And I love it! I wouldn't change it (Maybe just the ends of my hair). My eyes are light blue. But they can change colours.. When it's dark - they're blue, when it's light - they're light blue, almost grey.


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I love formal looks. I also love comfy clothes.. I never wear slutty (Kylie Jenner style) clothes. And I love learning things about new fashion trends, but I rarely wear trendy stuff.


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I'm the one who loves to argue a lot. I love studying too, so maybe I'm kinda geek. And also I can call myself arrogant (but in a good way) and sarcastic, I have strong opinions and I do not talk to every person who just wants to talk to me. I choose people.

Hobbies & passions

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Books (detectives and historical books), old movies (50s , 60s), traveling, history.


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My dreams are not huge. I would love to be a professional,good lawyer and to make an amazing family. :)