ayeee lets get started!

1. what is the first thing you wash in the shower

hair, fashion, and girl image Image removed
My hair

2. what color is your favorite hoodie

girl and style image blouse, done, and girly image

3. would you kiss the last person you kissed again

couple, love, and car image couple, love, and art image
haven't kissed anyone yet

4. do you plan outfits

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all the time

5. how are you feeling right now

aesthetic, photography, and antique image coffee, drink, and aesthetic image
somewhat lonely, and procrastinating

6. what is the closet thing to you that is red

lipstick, makeup, and beauty image lipstick, lips, and makeup image
red lipstick... scandalous I know ;) always have it with me.

7. tell me about your last dream

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infront of a teacher being Yelled out.

8. did you meet anybody new today

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nope, was in the house today.

9. what are you craving right now

cola, food, and burger image burger, Chicken, and dinner image
chicken burger and fries.

10. do you floss

got7, kpop, and jackson wang image got7, jackson, and jackson wang image
very rarely, I shouldddd more often

11. what comes to mind when i say "cabbage"

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I swear, the avatar scene where the cabbage stall is constantly destroyed and he says "AHHHHHH MYYYYYY CABBBAGESSSSS"

12. are you emotional

goblin, grim reaper, and kdrama image art, drawing, and hands image

13. have you ever counted to 1000
I've gotten to 55 before I loose my train of thoughts

14. do you bit your ice cream or just lick it

color, feed, and ice cream image aesthetic, colores, and colors image

15. do you like your hair

girl, hair, and fashion image beauty, fashion, and style image
yes, sometimes it doesn't cooperate.

16. do you like yourself

girl, hair, and aesthetic image makeup, style, and eyes image
yes and no. sometimes I hate myself for being naive yet thats what is unique about me.

17. would you go to dinner with george w. bush

food, sushi, and yummy image
I honestly don't know what he even looks like.

18. what are you listening to right now

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maroon 5 - one more right!

19. are your parents strict

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yes insert brown girl culture. it gets annoying sometimes but I try to understand they only want to protect me

20. would you go skydiving

blue, daniel, and diving image blue eye, photoshop, and skydiving image
F U C K Y E S !

21. have you ever met a celebrity

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does Justin Trudeau count?

22. do you rent movies often

netflix, wine, and couple image
nope, Netflix and tv

23. is there anything sparkly in the room your in

caneta, college, and glitter image Image by Sarah-Michèle Leduc
glitter pens

24. how many countries have you visited

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canada, pakistan, italy, france, germany, china

25. have your ever made a prank phone call

call, good, and mom image 80s, details, and phone image
I have always fkn wanted to

26. do you own a gun

Temporarily removed Abusive image

27. are you sarcastic

goblin and lee dong wook image grey's anatomy, nobody cares, and quotes image
at times I am very sarcastic

28. have you ever slapped someone

manga, shoujo, and slap image poems, quotes, and thought image
a hundred times.... in my DREAMS

29. do you have a job

gift, sound, and doctor image hospital, manga, and surgeon image
nope, but one day I hope to be an aspiring surgeon.

30. when was the last time you ate peanut butter and jam sandwich

smiling, bread, and candy image
probably, 1 and half years ago?