Um, hi! My name is Jimena and I decided to talk about myself because I'm bored. So, here are 30 things about me.

1. I'm sixteen and a junior in high school.

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I hear adults say "high school are the best four years of peoples lives" and honestly, I don't see it, but who knows, maybe I'll change my mind later, but for now, I hate it with a burning passion.

2. I'm from Cali and I kinda hate it.

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So I don't live in a big Cali city or near the beach so for me California is pretty boring, but I can see why people like it.

3. I want to study performing arts (musical theatre).

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My parents aren't really on board with this idea but it's what I want to do so I'm just gonna go for it.

4. I want to go to American Musical and Dramatic Academy or Pace University which are both in New York.

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AMDA is focused on performing arts and Pace has a really great music and theatre program. Also I want schools in New York because I'm trying to get as far from Cali as I can, and because one of my best friends are also going to New York so it would work out for us.

5. I love music and theatre.

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So this one's kinda obvious but yeah.

6. Favourite musical is Be More Chill.

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So the first time I listened to the sound track was two years ago on my freshman year and I fell in love with it. I've never been able to go see it but I hope I'm able to one day.

7. Favourite singers are Chloe Moriondo, Dodie Clark, Cavetown (Robin Skinner), Mxmtoon, Beach Bunny, and Girl in Red (Mary Ulven)

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They're all honestly really good and I highly recommend them.

8. I want to get a ukulele and melodica.

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I first started wanting a ukulele when I started listening to Dodie and a melodica when I first watched the anime Your Lie in April, which brings me to my next topic...

9. I like watching anime and cartoons.

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I mean, I'm still technically a kid.

10. Favourite anime is Your Lie in April.

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Ok so I cry every time I watch it but I highly recommend it. It's such a sad but beautiful story and you won't regret watching it.

11. My favourite cartoon is She-Ra Princess of Power (new version).

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I used to watch the 1985 version as a kid and I was a bit skeptical about the new one at first but I'm so glad I decided to watch it. The plot is really good and all the characters have so much depth. It's also very inclusive and LGBT friendly.

12. My favourite colours are pastel pink, pastel blue, and pastel purple.

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I just really like pastels.

13. My favourite drink is bubble tea and my favourite food is chinese takeout.

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It's a bit basic but I enjoy it.

14. I read and write often.

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Guess that explains why english is my best subject.

15. Favourite books are Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz and Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes.

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Ari and Dante is a book about two teenage boys who fall in love and it's a really good story that everyone should read. Queen of Hearts is Colleen Oakes's personal take on how the infamous queen came to be and its probably the best version of the queen's story I've ever seen,

16. I love Harry Potter (I’m a Hufflepuff and Ron Weasly is my favourite character).

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Again, basic but I enjoy it.

17. My favourite season is autumn.

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I feel like everyone's favourite season is fall, but what's there not to like about it. It not too hot or too cold. It's spooky season. Fuzzy socks, fuzzy blankets, and hot cocoa. Hoody season and fall fashion is just so beautiful.

18. I really like nature and exploring.

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I'm never really aloud to explore because my parents are over protective and paranoid all the time even though nothing bad ever happens in our town but whenever I have the opportunity I like to go on adventures.

19. My friends say I’m a ‘soft e-girl’.

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I don't really know what this mean but I just go along with it.

20. I’m hopeless romantic.

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The idea of love makes my heart go asdfghjkl. I just think its neat.

21. My favourite holiday is Valentines Day.

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I think this just roots back to me being a hopeless romantic.

22. I like creating ‘aesthetic’ mood boards.

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I mean, they're not the best but I try. And it's a fun hobby.

23. I own a chihuahua/jack russel mix.

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She's really cute and I love her with all my heart.

24. My dream car is a yellow Volkswagon bettle.

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I don't really know why I want one, I just saw one in the street one day and was like "wow I want it".

25. I love astronomy.

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There's just something about space that calls out to me. It's mysterious and we know barely anything about it, but it's so beautiful.

26. My favourite planet is Pluto and my favourite constellation is Orion.

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I know a lot of people don't think Pluto is a planet but I love Pluto. And Orion became my favourite constellation after reading the myth of Orion. Also Pluto in greek mythology is Hades who is my favourite of the three main gods.

27. I love greek mythology.

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Greek mythology is really great and there's different versions of most myths so you can interpret the stories however you want.

28. My favourite greek myths are The Myth of Eros and Psyche and The Myth of Narcissus and Echo.

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Both stories are lover stories, but if you want a happy ending read Eros and Psyche. If you feel like you want some angst in your life, read Narcissus and Echo.

29. My favourite Youtuber is Benji Krol (also my favourite TikTok star).

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Ok I love these boys so much like the literally have my entire heart. They're both so funny and cute and unproblematic.

30. I like to have short hair cause it’s less effort.

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I always wake up late and having short hair reduces my morning routine by about half an hour. Long hair was a nightmare for me.

And that's it. It was actually really fun to write this and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

With love- J ♡