Hey guys well im new to this website but i love writing stories that had happen to me and well today i'm going to tell you one about love relationships.

So every girl deserves a better guy every girl not just the prettier ones because that's what some guys want from a girl but just know all girls are prettier and you don't have to compare yourself to other ones Okay when i felt like that one person made me look embarrassed or didn't even love me back and a truthful way i was broke i had low self esteem and yeah i'm trying to love myself again but sometimes that one person makes you feel like your nothing but all i had to tell myself was that sometimes their not worth it for me and i had to move on after he broke up with me and told me he only used me i felt like trash and felt disgusted of myself because of everything i was going through after i told myself why keep trying and why be in this world i tried to do many things that did make people that i love suffer and put me in hospitals i felt like that was my only way out to keep my pain from coming back and it was only because of this person who didn't love me at all at the end of the few months i was getting better i kept telling myself " You have to try harder" and the more i went to therapy and told my story i felt more calm because adults knew what was going on with me all i'm trying to say and want you to get out of this story is that even though they never love you . You have to love yourself first and don't let no one take you to the wrong path and destroyed you because than your whole entire life will be different so just be you and know there's always a right guy waiting for you maybe not today but maybe in the future and love will be there for you to just love yourself first and tell your self that your beautiful and awesome.
-Jaritza Castro Olan