Hi everyone, im so bored rn that i decided to share my favorite calm songs, i usually listen to them when im sleepy or sad, anyway they are here, i hope you like it.

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mxmtoon - blame game
mxmtoon - feelings are fatal
mxmtoon - please don't

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cuco - winter's ballad
cuco - we had to end it
cuco - amor de siempre

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Clairo - Softly
Clairo - I Wouldn't Ask You
Clairo - bubble gum

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thesecondsex - in a mood
thesecondsex - fell in love
thesecondsex - what i mean

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The Marรญas - I Don't Know You
The Marรญas - Ruthless
The Marรญas - Basta Ya

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feng suave - sink into the floor
feng suave - noche oscura
feng suave - venus flytrap

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Mild Orange - Mysight
Mild Orange - Loosing Time
Mild Orange - Stranger

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