Hi Loves! ♡ Today I wanted to share with you how important it is to take time for yourself during & after a relationship or if you’re just tired of not finding the right one.

When you're in a relationship, it’s important to spend time together but also apart from each other. For example, my friends & I used to spend all the time together, we used to come to my house & just go to the park, eat pizza & drink beer; but then one of them got a boyfriend, at the beginning it was all normal but then she started inviting him to our reunions & parties… then my other friends & I started to feel uncomfortable just because we couldn't talk about our things because he was there. (Never do this to your friends)

What I mean by telling you this story is that it's okay to have a boyfriend & stuff, but when it comes to spending time apart from each other, you should understand that there is time for everything & that it's okay to feel that you need to spend time alone.

At the beginning, when we are in a relationship we feel that we just can't leave without each other (this should happen the first months, otherwise it's going to be a toxic relationship in the future), but you should realize that it isn't healthy & you need to take time for yourself.

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Now, when you're no longer in a relationship, what I mean by taking time for yourself is that never try to find another boyfriend/girlfriend right away you break up. It's just not going to be good for your mental & emotional health & it's definitely not the best way to get revenge.

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& finally, if you're just tired of not finding the right one, well, that might be a sign that it's not the right time to be in a relationship. Just take time for yourself, enjoy your friends & family, go out, get to know & date different people… JUST ENJOY BEING SINGLE! TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

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