I hecking loooove Melanie Martinez
I loved so many songs on this album, I loved the movie, I loved her voice, I loved the lyrics, it was just so gooooood.

1.) Orange Juice

melanie martinez, gif, and orange juice image pink, aesthetic, and grunge image artist, beauty, and indie image aesthetic, asia, and korea image
"your body is imperfectly perfect" This song hit me harrrrd

2.) Lunchbox Friends

school, bitch, and fake image theme image barbie, pink, and bitch image lips, eyes, and make up image
"they talk about hoes that they don't know...yeah they talk shit, though" All I have are lunchbox friends...

3.) Strawberry Shortcake

cake, pink, and strawberry image childhood image Abusive image cake and food image
wondering why I don't look like Barbie...

4.) Detention

crybaby, film, and still image pink, hospital, and medicine image Temporarily removed detention and school image
Pretending everything's alright is detention

5.) Nurse's Office

hospital, hello kitty, and pink image scissors image pastel, aesthetic, and hospital image hospital, medical, and nurse image
Cause they hate me, so I'm faking all of it

6.) Recess

ghost, text, and aesthetic image album, crybaby, and film image bitch, heart, and pale image Temporarily removed
Don't let them hurt you, darling, just say 'recess, I'm tired...'

7.) Class Fight

demon, black, and fantasy image Temporarily removed album, crybaby, and film image melanie martinez and k-12 image
Mommy, why do I feel sad, should I give him away, or feel this bad?

8.) Drama Club

dress, wedding, and aesthetic image auditorium, aesthetic, and concert image 18th century, architecture, and beautiful image chandelier image
Fuck your auditorium, I think it's pretty boring, and I never signed up for your drama club..

9.) Show And Tell

Temporarily removed album, icon, and crybaby image Temporarily removed blonde, wig, and stranger things image
Why is it so hard to see? If I cut myself, I would bleed?

This whole album is a bop and her movie was genius, and I just can't stop ranting about how much I love it lmao. I've been waiting like four years.
She's so underrated I just wish people would understand that underneath the whacky titles and lyrics and music videos, there's always a deeper meaning, one that people can relate to if they would just listen.