Hello Everyone,
These have been the books that I have been either caught up in or that I am hoping to read soon.

Inheritance series-Christopher Paolini

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The series follows a boy growing up when his daily life is altered by finding a dragon and then the dangers of his powers, all while new enemies arise to destroy him and his beloved dragon. The series continues into his experiences in a magical world.

The Book Thief-Markus Zusak

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This book follows a girl growing up in Nazi Germany during world war two, hiding from windows, sneaking into libraries, crawling through rubble and remembering the fondness of her new father figure. The story maintains a calm demeanor while stepping into a tense era, demonstrating not only cruelty but sadness, joy, and hope. The ending left me in tears wondering how I had become so involved in the journey.

The Diabolic-S.J Kincaid

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Set in a futuristic science fiction time, following a realistic turn in human society, Nemesis is programmed initially to Sondia but discovers how to feel during the story while holding her indestructible figure. Gradually grace, with some degree of humanity entwined into the story. All while trying to regain control of the sacred cosmos ... eventually becoming a fight for life or abandonment in space.

Unwind series-Neal Shusterman

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By far the best dystopian series I have ever read, Neal Shusterman thrusts readers into the turmoil of an unwinds life before they are turned into parts, while alive. Set in modern-day society, except the unwanted or the gifted are separated into "useful" parts for the higher class. A group of children walks the line between living, dead, and what falls between. This book left me always wanting to know more about their lives.

Thank you for reading.
- Kenzy
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