If you thought I was going to actually eat healthy this week, you're so very wrong but thank you for the thought.
So this past week was in the middle. I had some really bad days, and a couple binge days. Because of the days I didn't eat healthy, I wasn't going to post about it, but I thought, "If I keep putting it off till a perfect week, I'm never going to do it). So, without further ado...

MONDAY 09.09.19

Breakfast: muffin
Lunch: Tuna, coral reef breve (Dutch Bros)
Snack: None
Dinner: None
Song of the day: Orange Juice//Melanie Martinez
you turn oranges to orange juice..
enter there, and spit it out of you..
your body is imperfectly perfect
everyone wants what the other one's working..

melanie martinez, k-12, and crybaby image beautiful, blonde, and coffee image Temporarily removed spa, water, and bath image
So Monday was a good day. My friends had gotten Panda (and I'm a sucker for orange chicken) but I declined. I don't think I drank a lot of water (oof).

TUESDAY 09.10.19

Breakfast: Bang, fruit snacks
Lunch: Tuna
Snack: Reese's peanut butter cup
Dinner: Vegan chilli
SOTD: My Type//Saweetie
Rich nibba, 8 figure, that's my type

flowers, rose, and pink image art, paint, and painting image breakfast, chocolate, and cream image bang, christmas tree, and drink image
Also another good day- I know I had chocolate, but everything else was good and I stayed under my cal limit again.

WEDNESDAY 09.11.19

Breakfast: Pink drink (Starbucks), english muffin
Lunch: Diet lemonade frost, waffle fries (oof)
Dinner: Vegan chilli
SOTD: Detention//Melanie Martinez
pretending everything is alright is detention

aesthetic, crybaby, and kpop image Temporarily removed Image removed art, drawing, and sad image
Had a headache that day :/ Chik fil a was a bad idea, and a couple hundred over the limit. Also emotional because, you know, 9.11, and having to watch a sad documentary in history.

And this, my friends, is where it gets rough:

Thursday, 09.12.19

Breakfast: Gluten free pancakes
Lunch: Takis, crappy coffee
Dinner: Can't rememberrr
SOTD: Shameless//Camila Cabello
right now, im shameless..screaming my lungs out for you

hands and alone image get well soon, Lyrics, and wallpaper image
Extrememly tired-unhealthy-didn't log food, this is based off memories, there's probably way more I can't remember.

FRIDAY 09.13.19
Breakfast: gluten free pancake
Lunch:gluten free peanut butter crackers
Dinner: ... bread, tortillas, english muffin, basically ANYTHING WITH CARBS
SOTD: Uno//Ambjayy
uno, dos, tres, she a thot tho

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sooo here's the tea, sis: I think, because I had not eaten enough protein or anything of the sort all week, that explains the massive carb binge. I cried that night because of it lmao

That whole last week was exxhhaaussttinng.
I can't even tell you why, I just know that I was dragging myself here and there, going through the motions. My head was not with reality..I mean okay it never really is, but especially this week. It was soo slooww.
So that was my week. It sucked.

Coming up: School-notes, homework, studying, paying attention, teachers, classmates, tests, etc. We'll see how it goes.