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This is totally unrelated to the article, but I was just at my neighbor's house cleaning pens, when I got caught in a huge RAINSTORM and had to run home in the rain. So now my body is pumping with adrenaline, and it feels amazing.
And now my power keeps going out oof let's see if I'll even have the internet to post this.

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Now if any of you are waiting for another article in my "for a week" series, be patient, young one. It shall be here tonight or tomorrow. But I wanted to do this first, because it is so, so important.

First, some background. Ever since I was little, I have struggled with anxiety. And when I get anxious, sometimes I get sick to my stomach, or at the very least a headache. It could even be good stress...like if I had gone to a birthday party that day and had a great time, I would still throw up at the end of the day because my body couldn't handle the stimulation. I used to get super sick on vacations, because I was out of routine.
It's like my body is just determined to kill me and get in the way of me having any fun.

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So now, a story, going allll the way back to last Friday. I had kind of woken up with a tiny headache that day, and it followed me all the way until...well, until I went to bed. So I get headaches quite often, but I was trying to push through it. After school, I was wating for my neighbor to pick me up, but she never came. I had waited in the hot sun for about an hour before finding a stranger to call my mom (I don't have a phone. Yes, there are teenagers without phones. We exist). She was on her way back from Phoenix, and would be there to pick me up in an hour. So I walked to the YMCA, which was pretty close to my school. I waited in the lobby with some dude that kept talking really loud to me and a couple other kids sitting there, stating "I haven't been this tired since I ate a whole turkey by myself at Thanksgiving last year!" it was kinda funny at first, but then he started talking about his ex wife and then my head started hurting worse. It was about 5:00 when I was picked up. I had to go home and get dressed quickly for a football game. I had no break to calm down and rewind. I knew I shouldn't have gone to that stupid game, but I did anyway because I have no respect for my body lmao.
At the actual game, I made it to halftime before I had to tell my friends I had to go sit somewhere quieter (I was in the thick of the crowd) because I felt REALLY sick. There was a space where only a few people were, and it was quieter. Some of my friends were sitting there, so I sat with them.
My friend let me lay on her lap, but when she shifted, I sat up. And when I sat up, I puked.

In front of everyone.

Okay, not a lot of people saw, and most of them were my friends, but it was still humiliating. I bolted to the top of the bleachers and threw up twice more in some bushes. I had had pizza and soda an hour earlier-another example of me not respecting my body-and so that was what had come up. My brother called my dad, who said he could be there in twenty minutes. I had to walk to the skate park, which was right next to the field, white as paper, feeling acid in my throat and nose. I remember sitting down on a table and laying my head down. (This is also kind of irrelevant, but a group of kids, all high as kites, were in the park also, staging a fake fight and videoing. I was kind of just watching them, thinking, “I am surrounded by idiots. Including me.”)

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When I got home, I was just going to skip my entire night routine, but I thought, “You know what? I need to start giving my body what it needs. I definitley didn’t do that today. And what my body needs is a shower.” So I took a shower, and felt so much better. And right before I fell asleep, I thought, “maybe it’s not so bad, doing things I need rather than what I want.”

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So, why am I telling you this long, embarrassing story?

Because I want to encourage anyone who’s reading this to take a deep breath and think about what they’re doing with their bodies. Are you giving it what it needs? What does it need? Does it need a healthy meal? A nap? Exercise? A hug? A stretch? Does it have a headache and need to go home to rest instead of going to a football game?

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Whatever you decide you need, do it. I didn’t that day. And look at the mess that created. The next day, I didn’t go to Zumba or to work out in the gym afterwards, like I normally do every Saturday. This is something my body needed, but I needed rest more. I needed to do things I should've done the week before, and get all my crap done. So I basically had the house to myself all day, and I got a ton of stuff done. And then again the next day. And on Wednesday, I had a headache so I made the decision to stay home instead of go to youth group.
So my whole point here is take care of your body.

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Listen. Your body was made by an amazing God. Or if you don't believe in that, just look at how intricately made your body is. Isn't it amazing? Your body beats 115,000 times a day-or 42 million times a year. At the end of the average person's life, their hearts have pumped enough times to fill up 1 million barrels. Your immune system fights off diseases, foreign objects and invaders. (look at me flexing all my anatomy knowledge I'm sO sMarT). So when your body is telling you something, just assume it knows what it's doing. Do what it says, even if it goes against your wants. I really wanted to go to that game; all my friends were going, it was a Friday night, I wanted to get out of the house. I could've thought, "Hey, maybe I'll go to the next home game" or "if I'm feeling better, maybe I'll hang out with friends this weekend." Treat yourself right; you deserve it. Even if you think you don't.

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