Questions taken from @jupiterscafe

Go check her page out!

Coffee or Tea?

coffee, drink, and food image coffee, autumn, and book image
Mochas are my favourite!

Sunsets or Sunrise?

aesthetic, photography, and sky image sunset, vintage, and friends image

Early bird or night owl?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It night, night time, and night in düsseldorf image
Night Owl

Theme park or water park?

disney and disneyland image wallpaper, light, and amusement park image
Theme parks

Hugs or kisses?

love, couple, and girl image Image by SIMNALUIZA

Books or movies?

book store, books, and library image book, aesthetic, and read image
Hard choice but I will have to go with books!

Heels or sneakers?

fashion, shoes, and heels image fashion, shoes, and style image
Heels are so much fun!

Rain or snow?

snow, winter, and nature image Image by Vio
Haven't been to the snow in so long

Shower or Bath?

Image by 𝒫𝒶𝓇𝓀𝑒𝓇 bath image

Denim or Leather?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Denim is a staple item!

Curly or Straight

autumn, fall, and hair image braid, braided, and hairstyle image
Straight hair

Piercings or Tattoos?

girl, style, and earrings image aesthetic, sun, and earrings image

Ice cream or Yogurt?

food, icecream, and summer image color, feed, and ice cream image
Ice cream for sure!

Summer or Winter

beach, nature, and landscape image aesthetic, australia, and clouds image
This always changes but summer atm

Cooking or Baking

food, Cookies, and pink image Halloween, cupcake, and ghost image
Baking (except it never looks as good as these!)

Coke or Pepsi

coca cola, pale, and rock image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Taste the same to me

That's it! Hope you enjoyed x