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ᴄᴀssɪᴀ sᴇɴᴄɪʟʟé

It comes from the Latin word Cassius meaning empty, hollow.
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Known as

  • Daughter of the Underworld.
  • The Firecracker.
  • Mini Box of Pandora.


14 at the beginning, 18 now.

Cabin/Child of

Hades, God of the Dead and King of the Underworld.

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Cabin #13 Constructed by Nico di Angelo, 2 months before Cassia appeared.

Mortal Origins

Unlike many other demigods, she loved her mother. It was just the two of them against the world for a long time. However when she turned 12 a hellhound came for them. She saw her mother die in front of her and since she had the power of necromancy she saw her mother's soul slowly slip away, even if she didn't quite understand it at the time.

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Hades had a thing for exotic women. Ana Caterina Sencillé was a fierce latina that died fighting for her daughter.

She spent the next two years on the streets fighting monsters that came near and learning more about her powers, until she turned 14 and a satyr found her, leading her to camp half-blood.

Sexual Orientation

Extremely straight. She's a flirt and painfully direct when she likes someone, she loves boys.

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Sometimes it seems there's two sides to her. Dark eyes opposed by warm tones

Dark brown hair and fairly tan, considering her cabin has no windows. Black eyes at first glance, but they only need a little bit of sunlight to turn incredibly bright.


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Fan of flowy but emo-ish clothes.

Honestly nobody knows. One day she dresses light and comfy, others she dresses all black. Always go-to combat boots and she has 7 piercings on her right ear.


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She's always smiling. I know, weird for a Hades kid that saw her mom died. But she believes that your pain either breaks you or makes you, and she refuses to be broken. She rivals Percy's sarcasm and shares dark humor with her half-brother Nico.
She loves taking walks along the beach late at night, talking ti the stars like her mom lives there. She's a fighter by nature and a lover by heart, she loves making friends and everybody at camp loves her. She lights up camp nights with her monster stories using a little trick to make the fire dance.
She's a hardworking student, so naturally Mr. D hates her cause he thinks she's a snob.
She has made it her mission in life to be there for those suffering in silence, she has learned that from the souls she speaks to.


ADHD, Color-blind

Nobody knows, and it pains her not to know how blue the ocean is, luckily she has Percy. He stays up late at night describing how when light touches it, it springs to life. And how that feels like falling in love in a rush.

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  • Amazing sword skills.
  • Necromancy: summon and destroy the dead, talk to ghosts, sense people's life auras, can tell when someone they know has died.
  • Can manipulate hellfire.
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  • Shadow travel.
  • Manipulate onyx and obsidian.
  • Can trap and release souls from her ring.
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Black obsidian ring found in a cave in Tartarus

It is said to have been cursed by a Maiden. The legend goes that the maiden was proposed to with this ring by the love of her life, however she then found him laying with another woman. She was so heartbroken she trapped the soul of her fiancé in the ring, dooming it to never rest. She then took off her own life and the ring absorbed her troubled soul as well.

Short Elysium sword (Black)
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She prefers getting as close to her opponent as possible, she can then work in short harsh moves that knock opponents out in one blow.
She beat Clarisse once, gaining her respect. Percy and her's favorite hobby is practicing their skills on each other, constantly learning from one another. (Most of the campers call them goals)


She's friends with everybody at camp, literally. But here's her main crew:

Nico di Angelo
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Best friend, Half brother, cabin-mates, shoulder to cry on. Sarcastic devils that are always looking for trouble. However Nico shows his soft side to her, always hugging her and gifting her tiny black flowers. They spend all their nights together walking through the woods just speaking about anything, nobody rivals or understands their bond.
Jason Grace
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Together with Nico, the three of them are inseparable. Training together, laughing and taking quests together. Jason lover her Latina side, always cracking up when she starts swearing in spanish. Cassia loves his laugh.
Will Solace
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Being Nico's BF, he started hanging with them more and more until he had invaded Cassia's heart. He's their ray of sunshine and she just wants to squeeze him to death. He completes their group with his carefree nature and warm soul.

Love Interest

Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon
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(For the sake of my argument, pretend Percabeth never happened.)

Percy and Her have been tied together by the fates. Everyone knows about them, even if you're not from camp-half blood, why? Because they hold a prophecy together:

Two will rise, rivals at heart, lovers by soul. However they both shall fall too, in a heap of fire and water. Only one will know how to bring peace to the heavens, before the other runs out of time forever.

It's kind of a gloomy future, however the two couldn't be more in love. Percy looks at her like his hearts beats because she is alive. She holds him like her life essence depends on his. They're always together, an invincible force in the battlefield that even titans fear, that's how they got appointed as leaders of the demigod army.
Who could've know that shy little Percy Jackson would fall for the girl that's his opposite. It took a while for Percy to come out of his shell, once he did all the campers wish he didn't. He was shameless with her, kissing and teasing her all the time not caring who was around.
Cassia had made it clear from the start, she had her eye on him. And he was too stunned to react at first. Being Percy Jackson many other girls wanted him, until they learned they were up against Hades' daughter of course.

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They were friends at first, but everybody could feel the tension. Percy started to get comfortable and started flirting back, until one night he couldn't hold it anymore and blurted out he was sure he would spend his whole life trailing after her. The shore became their little place, they talked for hours, went swiming and got to know every single corner of each other, fallin even more in love (if that was even possible).

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Everybody at camp was obsessed with them, they were the ideal couple. They were dangerous for each other and they knew that, but that made the attraction so much stronger. Boys learned the hard way that she will always be taken when Percy sprayed them with toilet water for flirting with her.
They were practically married from the time they set eyes on each other. Their hearts unified as one to the point that when one was hurt physically, the wounds appeared on the others body. They would die for each other, and they nearly had in many occasions.

The gods could learn a thing or two about how pure their love was.
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