Hey Hearters,
This is basically what I would do every morning before get to classes.

1. Wake up at 5.30 am
My classes start at 8.30-9 in the morning (depend on the lecturers), I prefer to get up early so that I have some extra time to relax, no rush or maybe rearrange something before go to the clasess.

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2.Drink some 'detox'

Normally, I will prepare some kind of detox water- which is 3-4 slices of lemon, and put it into 3L plain water. Then, I put the bottle beside my bed, so it will be easy for me to drink before shower.

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Taking my shower and ablution - which is probably the best time to refresh my mind on things that I already planned before i went of bed last night.

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4.Praying (Subuh)

This is like must-do (wajib) every morning, no matter in what condition are you in ( for Muslim). This is also one of the reasons I wake up early in the morning- to make a prayer.

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For breakfast, I usually prefer to drink some coffee or milk tea because they're good for my digestive system (i think). Whenever, I drink some coffee or milk tea, I definitely have the urge to 'bowel open' and I am kind of like it. I will also take some bread or biscuit (depend on the stock that I am having), just to make sure I am filled with something before get to 4 hours classes.

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6. Little Light Reading

While or after taking some breakfast, I love reading some notes that I've wrote during study hours, just to keep my mind remembering some of things that I have learned. And maybe practicing some tasks for class presentation, if I have one.

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7.Make up

TBH, I am not really not good at this. I have like asian face -small eyes and puffy cheeks, and I prefer very simple and minimal amount of make up on my face. Generally, I would apply some face cream that I usually used ( Fair & Lovely-anti marks), sunscreen lotion (Banana Boat) and powder. Then, I'll do my eyesbrow, blushes and lipstick (light colour).

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8.Dress up

This is probably like 8 am, I am ready to go out in the room and waiting for the bus, which is every 15 minutes it, will cycle around the campus. Commonly, I will prepared some clothes the night before. Therefore, in the morning I will take minimum time to figure out what to wear, ironing and whatnot. Every outfit that I wear is depends on what I have to do in that day, but basically, I would wear something that comfortable for me to move ( because I have to do a lot of walking during my day)

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So, this is it guys. I hope that you're enjoy this article and sorry if there's a lot of grammatical errors. I should mention English is not my prime language at daily basis but I am sure that I will keep learning and improving it step by step. And make sure you guys check out and heart all the images in this article as matter in facts they're all amazing and beautiful, some of it in very interesting collection. I love it and I hope you guys do too.
Thank you for reading this and have a blast day, everyone!

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