bonjour, everyone! i've seen a few of these type of articles floating around and i would love to try it out! i'm obsessed with disney, and well as animation in general, so this is going to be really fun for me.

this is where i got a majority of the "favorite __"s from. go give them a like, they deserve it! :)

favorite disney film

hunchback of notre dame image Temporarily removed disney image gypsy, beautiful, and disney image
the hunchback of notre dame

favorite princess

aladdin, aww, and brown image disney, jasmine, and princess image

favorite prince

90s, cartoon, and disney image aladdin image

favorite non-princesses

esmeralda image Temporarily removed
1. esmeralda
disney, frozen, and psd image disney, frozen, and let it go image
2. elsa
disney, atlantis, and kida image Temporarily removed
3. kidagakash nedakh

favorite villains

animation, disney, and film image disney, photo, and frollo image
1. judge claude frollo
disney, yzma, and izma image disney image
2. yzma
Image removed disney, fire, and hercules image
3. hades

favorite song

villain and hellfire image villain and hellfire image

favorite sidekicks

mulan and mushu image mulan, disney, and mushu image
1. mushu
hercules, pegasus, and disney image disney, hercules, and pegasus image
2. pegasus
disney, disney animation, and kronk image Image by โ˜†
3. kronk

favorite couples

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
1. aladdin + jasmine
esmeralda, disney, and hunchback of notre dame image Temporarily removed
2. phoebus + esmeralda
disney and atlantis image Temporarily removed
3. milo + kida

favorite locations

disney, paris, and hunchback of notre dame image Temporarily removed
1. notre dame cathedral
Image by Umi frozen 2, animation, and disney image
2. elsa's ice palace
Mature image aladdin, dreamer, and future image
3. agrabah palace

favorite dresses

elsa, frozen, and disney image elsa and frozen image
1. elsa
esmeralda and disney image childhood, esmeralda, and gif image
2. esmeralda

favorite pixar film

ratatouille, disney, and movie image gif, disney, and pixar image

favorite live action film

emma thompson, saving mr banks, and tom hanks image disney, film, and gifs image
saving mr. banks

favorite tv show

gravity falls image gravity falls, bill, and bill cipher image
gravity falls

favorite disney short

paperman and disney image kiss and love image
the paperman

favorite pixar short

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

most anticipated upcoming film

frozen, disney, and frozen 2 image animation, disney, and fanart image disney, frozen 2, and frozen image Temporarily removed
frozen II

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