My favorite Lana del rey songs that makes me very emotional and dreamy.

1. Summertime sadness

this song make me want to walk across a flowery field at sunset.

2. Born to die

i really want to sing along to this song while im at a festival with other fans.

3. Ride

i imagine me drivning on a roadway while listening to this song on the radio. an open window and my hair flows.

4. Video games

i wish i could play this on a piano. i would play it all the time, beacuse i really love this song.

5. Brooklyn baby

i always thinking about a music video about this song. a anime girl whos waiting for her train. but it never arrives beacuse it is originally a short video that replays over and over.

6. Sad girl

i acutally thinking about myself and my life.

7. Black beauty

im just thinking about a black and dark world? but it is such a beautiful song. this is the song that i pick to listen at when i can't sleep.

8. Salvatore

i often imgaine me walking down the streets in greece. in a summer flowery dress.

9. The greatest

i want to sit on the beach at sunset, just dreaming away while looking at the horizont.

10. Tomorrow never came

i feel safe and warm when i listen to this.