Hello! so i've been seeing a lot of people write playlist articles where they share their music and favorite songs and i decided to make my own.It's been quite some time since i wrote an article but, i decided that i would write a new one since i recently hit 1k followers which i'm very happy and grateful for. I hope you guys like my favorite songs!.

girl, summer, and water image


outfit, style, and clothes image

2)EZI-DaNcing in a RoOm

hair, train, and travel image

3)Verzache-I Don't Wanna Be Nothin'

fashion and mirror image


city, fashion, and nails image

5)Lolo ZouaÏ-Dessert Rose

Abusive image

6)Peter Manos-In My Head

bath, beauty, and happiness image


brunette, beauty, and girl image

8)Wafia-Heartburn (Jarami Remix)

makeup, pretty, and beauty image

9)Tontario x Lucas Nord-Rewind

car and white image

10)Jacob Whitesides-Special

aesthetic, body, and tumblr image

I hope you enjoyed these songs i personally love them and please tell me what kinds of other articles you would like me to make. Also don't forget to read my other articles down here.

Keep on smiling and being confident :)