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i'm back with another autumn article, i hope everyone is enjoying the season so far!

before i begin, i would love everyone to go check out my second account - @autumnwinterdream. i've had it a couple of years now & i only use it from september to december, as those are my favourite months. im so active on there & i also made quite a few autumn & christmas articles last year so check them out if you're interested! all of my articles will be on this account though, as this is my main. thank you for the love ♡

today i decided to do the iconic 'this or that' tag, but autumn themed! i got this tag from @nycgirl18. go check out the original article here:

let's begin!

tea or coffee?

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image fall, book, and autumn image
tea! strong tea with milk & two sugars is my go-to. i really don't like coffee!

apple pie or pumpkin pie?

autumn, pie, and fall image autumn, apple, and fall image
i've never had pumpkin pie so it will have to be apple! i would love to try pumpkin pie though.

baking or hiking?

autumn, Cookies, and food image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
i don't really bake much but i am such a home bird & i love the idea of baking autumnal recipes with candles lit & all the spicy scents - sounds amazing.

hot cider or fresh doughnuts?

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i've never had hot cider but i love fresh, hot doughnuts with sugar on! nothing compares to them.

turtleneck or scarf?

fashion, style, and fall image fashion and outfit image
i adore cosy turtlenecks, they look cute with mini skirts & boots for a simple autumn outfit.

sunny or rainy?

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there's nothing better than being warm inside, reading a book or watching a film, whilst rain patters on your window. this is a common occurrence living in britain and i never complain!

cinnamon roll or caramel apple?

pretzel, apples, and caramel image apple, food, and caramel image
i've never had cinnamon rolls so i would have to choose caramel apples (or toffee apples as they're called in the uk). i usually have them on bonfire night.

sweaters or cardigans?

cardigan, fashion, and gold image fashion, beauty, and clothes image
last year i probably would have said jumpers but i'm obsessed with cardigans at the moment!

stay home or go out?

autumn, harry potter, and fall image autumn, fall, and book image
i like going out but i love staying home more - candles lit, reading or watching films & tv shows. it's the best!

read a book or watch netflix?

Image by Itzy autumn and coffee image
i love reading so much but i do tend to watch netflix more, especially around autumn watching friends, american horror story & the various autumn/halloween movies.

s'mores or cookies?

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warm melting chocolate chip cookies!

neutral or colourful?

girl, autumn, and leaves image autumn, green house, and trees image
i'm all about colour!

cosy blankets or chimney heat?

book, coffee, and autumn image autumn, book, and fall image
i love cosy blankets!

haunted house or corn maze?

house image autumn, house, and fall image
haunted house! i love anything to do with the paranormal.

that is all! thank you for reading & i hope you enjoyed.

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until next time! 🍁🍂☕