pink floyd.... a band that has created a new world with their music. a world that makes you feel free, unbothered, meaningful, brave and that you can do whatever you want to.

all the things that make your anxiety grow disappear when you listen to them sing

my body reacts like it's in love. in love with a person. my heart swells, butterflies thats flying wild inside my body, goosebumps all over my body. my head, arms, legs, face.

their telling me how important i am, how important my family and friends are, how beautiful the raw world is with their words.

they make me thinking about memories. memories from my past. childhood, old friendships, how my family lived togheter. meaningful memorise that i saved and kept in my heart.

coming back to life remind me so much about my dad. and how much he loves that song. it has a very sad memory behind it.

high hopes remind me of my mum. the song was played at a funeral, when she lost someone.

This is why my body gets so emotional and why i cry every time i listen to pink floyd.