Selene Mari Alvarez

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Selene was named after the beautiful Greek goddess of the moon.


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Latin Werewolves- consists of Mexico & Latin America


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Wolf Form

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Her old leather jacket, sweet coffee, roses, her family’s cooking


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Despite being an omega, & being the only omega in her pack, Selene is treated as an equal & is not afraid when it comes to protecting those she cares about.


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Playful, affectionate, kindhearted, boyish, easygoing, upbeat, adorable


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Singing, listening to music, playing her bass


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Dakota- alpha, Leon- beta, Carson- beta, Scarlett- rogue


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Villien Jones; an alpha who wanders without a pack. Vil was just out for himself until he met Selene. At a lake gathering/party; Selene was there with her pack while Vil got invited by an old friend. He sorta saved her when she slipped & almost fell into a pool of rocks & Vil caught her; that’s when they “knew.”