Part one:

15. Chungha

chungha, kpop, and kim chungha image

14. Onda from EVERGLOW

Image removed

13. Ryujin from ITZY

dyed hair, girl, and JYP image

12. Haneul from SATURDAY

beautiful, kpop, and saturday image

11. Yoohyeon from Dreamcatcher

dream catcher, dreamcatcher, and k-pop image

10. Xiyeon from PRISTIN

kpop, siyeon, and park siyeon image

9. Chaeyoung from TWICE

twice, kpop, and chaeyoung image

8. Kyulkyung from PRISTIN

beautiful, fashion, and hair image

7. Lu from NATURE

Image removed

6. Elly from Weki Meki

Lucy, rina, and ioi image

5. Chaewon from IZ*ONE

girl group, k-pop, and kpop image

4. Sulli

sulli, f(x), and kpop image

3. Nakyung from Fromis_9

Image removed

2. Rina from Weki Meki

girl, girl group, and idol image

1. Minju from IZ*ONE

izone, minju, and kim minju image