Hello my beautiful people, I haven't been very active here, but I found some inspiration from

and I hope you'll like mine💗. Anyway, let's begin.

A song that has a color in it's title:

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" You're my sunshine, you're my rain, you're all I've lost, Yet all I've gained, If I must tell the truth" Yellow Lights- Harry Hudson

A song that has a number in it's title:

Seventeen, aesthetic, and vintage image background, Collage, and girl image
"So hear me scream, I was too young to understand what it means, I couldn't wait till I could be 17" Seventeen- Alessia Cara

A song that reminds me of summer:

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"I'm feeling like old school mix tape, That's all I need I'm killing that low ride Sunday That's all I need" That's all I need- Dirty Heads

A song that needs to be blasted on highest volume:

Temporarily removed moon, ship, and sea image
"Jesteś żaglem, szalonym wiatrem, twoja siła to skarb" Biała Armia- Bajm (if ur polish u know)

A song that makes me dance:

clouds, sky, and storm image black, dark, and music image
"You're sayin those words like you hate me now, our house is burning, when you're raisin' hell, there in the ashes your soul cries out" Thunderclouds- Sia

A song I listen to while riding in a car:

Temporarily removed always, car, and changes image
"The world is closing in, did you ever think that we could be so close, like brothers. The future is in the air, I can feel it everywhere, I'm blowing with the wind of change" Wind of Change-Scorpions

A song that makes me happy;

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"I hope someday We'll sit down together And laugh with each other About these days, these days All our troubles We'll lay to rest And we'll wish we could come back to these days" These Days- Macklemore

A song that makes me sad:

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"Mother, I know That you're tired of being alone Dad, I know you're trying To fight when you feel like flying" Unsteady- X Ambassadors

A song I never get tired of:

lost image boys, gif, and hot boys image
"Her life was stable until she met me Sheltered and safe so she never gets freed But she loves trouble she's drawn to the danger Never goes crazy, I bet I can change her" Let's get lost- G-Eazy

A song from my preteen days:

roxette and the roxette image Image removed
(Legends) The Look-Roxette

A song that should play at my wedding:

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"How long will I hold you, As long as your father told you, As long as you can" How long will I love you-Ellie Goulding

A song that was covered by another artist:

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I've got my mind set on you-James Ray, covered by Gorge Harrison

A song I would duet for karaoke:

Image removed Queen, i want to break free, and Freddie Mercury image
I want to break free-Queen

A song released the year I was born:

grunge, boy, and dark image lol, music, and problems image
It Wasn't me- Shaggy

A song that has many meanings to me:

fire, art, and aesthetic image circus image
"No, it's too much, burn my sun Up in flames we go you fire breather Ash your dust on my door, smoke rise Tryin' to survive inside your arms Fire Breather, breath in fire into Fire Breather, trying to survive inside your arms." Fire Breather-LAUREL

A song I think everybody should listen to:

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"And I know the scariest part is letting go cuz love is a ghost you can't control." The Words- Christina Perri

A song that makes me want to fall in love:

aesthetic, anxiety, and background image Image by 𝐄́.
"But she's got those eyes so blue I love the way she moves When she walks into the room" Love her anyways- Hearts & Colors

A song that breaks my heart:

Image removed black and white, dark, and gif image
(if u watched Lucifer u know) In the air tonight-Natalie Taylor

A song by the artist with a voice I love:

alternative, indie, and music image rose, flowers, and pink image
"I'm getting off my shitty couch Ready to fuck my bank account And I'm not myself But at least I look cool At some house in Malibu Taking pictures by the pool Doing things I never do But at least I look cool." At least I look cool-Sasha Sloan

A song I remember from my childhood:

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Life is Life-Opus

A song that reminds me of myself:

Amy Winehouse, jazz, and singer image Image removed
"I cheated myself like I knew I would, I told you I was trouble you know that I'm no good" You know I'm no good-Amy Winehouse

thank you for your time, hope you'll have an amazing morning, evening or night. luv u bbys 💞

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