Hey babes ♡ In this article, I'll try to help you with French pronunciation. I know, it could be hard to pronounce certain words but I know that you can. Let's start, I hope you'll like it ♡

In French, there are *6* vowels (A, E, I, O, U, Y) and 20 consonants.

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Each letter make a different sound and it can make others songs if it's associated with another.


[i]: v i. e (life) ; i. l (he)

[e]: bl é. (wheat) ; jou er (to play)

[ɛ]: l ai t (milk) , jou et (toy) , merc i. (thanks)

[a]: pl a. t (flat)

[ɑ]: p â. te (putty) ; b a. s (low)

[ɔ]: m o. rt (death) , d o. nner (to give)

[o]: eau (water), g au che (left) ; m o. t (word) ; d ô. me (dôme)

[u]: gen ou (knee) ; r ou e (wheel)

[y]: r u. e (street) ; s û. r (sure)

[ø]: p eu (a little) ; d eu x (two)

[œ]: p eu r (fear) ; s œu r (sister)

[ə]: l e. (the) ; pr e. mier (first)

[ɛ̃]: mat in (morning) ; m ain (hand)

[ɔ̃]: b on (good) ; om bre (shadow)


[j]: y. eux (Eyes) ; pa ill e (straw) ; p i. ed (foot)

[w]: ou i (yes) ; n ou er (to tie)

[ɥ]: h u. ile (oil) ; l u. i (him)


[p]: p. ère (father)

[t]: t. erre (earth)

[k]: qu i (who) ; c. ou (neck) ; k. épi (kepi)

[b]: ro b. e (dress)

[d]: d. ans (in)

[g]: ba gu e (ring) ; g. are (train station)

[f]: f. eu (fire) ; ph oto (pic)

[s]: s. ale (dirty) ; c. elui (the one) ;
Fran ç. ais (French) ; ta ss e (mug) ;
na t. ion (nation) ; pen s. er (to think)

[ʃ]: ch at (cat)

[v]: v. ous (you)

[z]: z. éro (zero) ; mai s. on (home)

[ʒ]: j. e (I) ; g. ilet (cardigan)

[l]: l. ent (slow)

[ʁ]: veni r. (to come)

[m]: fe *mm*e (woman) ; m. ain (hand)

[n]: n. ous (we) ; to nn e (tonne)

[ɲ]: a gn eau (lamb)

[ŋ]: camp ing (English words)

[x]: j. ota (Spanish words)

[h]: h. op ! (exclamations)

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