hi everyone, i'm danique

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the title of this article already gives away what i'm going to be talking about... i'm looking for friends

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i want someone who can easily text with me, this means you should:

1. don't be a dry texter, because i'll honestly just leave you on read then

2. tell each other everything. i'm a really honest person and i'll always keep ur secrets.

3. b e k i n d ! i'm really sensitive sometime so please :(

ʚ about me ɞ

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° i'm 12 years old soon 13
° i live in the Netherlands
° bisexual
° i love dogs and puppy's
° my zodiac sign is libra
° anime & k-drama
° kpop
° i love disney
° i love a lot of artists
° i'm still learning a lot of kpop groups

also accepting dating appliciations :)

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yes, i want a relationship...
lets be qt together please :)

idc where you're from or whats your sexuality / religion.

be 12-16 years old please

bonuspoints if you have the same interests as me!!

{how to start talking}
send me a message on instagram: @daniqueuwu or on twitter: @lovelyseokz :)