Hello loves,

This is the first part of my picks of the best, most heart-wrenching, most relatable lyrics from the Singular Era! If this goes as well as my other 'Brina articles I'll do another for you!!

I am so, so sorry for neglecting this blog for so long! Got sick, started finals, you gals know how it is! Enough about me! Let's get started!

"Who put the world on my back and not in my hands?" - Exhale

"The moment when the light is red before the go" - Almost Love

"I'm sorry, but you've called at a bad time, and every time is probably gonna be a bad time" - Bad Time

"Everybody answers sh*t I didn't ask" - Exhale

"I put too much weight on words and glances" - Exhale

"What's on my mind, I've been thinking maybe I could be yours, by the time that we leave." - Mona Lisa

"Don't you make me leave on my own" - Mona Lisa

"I am a diamond, and diamonds are forever" - Diamonds Are Forever

"Na na na, na na na, nay" - Exhale

"Maybe I've been on the internet forgetting how to keep it slow" - Hold Tight

"Can I breathe?" - Exhale

To conclude, this quote by Sabrina~
"Trust me, all our dreams are breaking out"

Thank you for reading beautifuls!!

I'll have another out sometime this weekend!

- Leila