here it is, another of my 'last added' songs.
i hope you can find new music and hear different sounds

🏹 1.- Milioària by Rosalía

"Que jo sé que he nascut per ser milionària"
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Rosalía has been my favorite singer this last few months so most of the songs that you can find in this playlist are by her. i love that no matter the fame she sticks to her roots.

🏹 2.- Creme de la creme by Evalyn

"Maybe I overcompensate
Call it my naïveté
But I don't wanna go through the motions"
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i'm a person that is constanly searching for new music so i saved this song to listen later, after a while i finally did and here i am. i loved it. it haves an amazing vibe that reminds me of fancy things, but the song haves a message that's so accurate to modern days.

🏹 3.- Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift

"Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes
What doesn't kill me makes me want you more"
Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image
this song is part of my top 3 favorite songs from the album. i loved the sound and the lyrics is amazing, like always, telling a story and putting so much emotion.

🏹 4.- Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince by Taylor Swift

"Now I'm feeling hopeless
Ripped up my prom dress
Running through rose thorns"
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i loved this song so much, the message this brings and the story telling skills that Taylor haves just proves what an amazing artist she is. this is one of my favorite songs from the album and i hope you can bring it a try.

🏹 5.- Teeth by 5 Seconds of Summer

"Fight so dirty, but your love's so sweet
Talk so pretty, but your heart got teeth
Late night devil, put your hands on me"
luke hemmings, michael clifford, and calum hood image luke hemmings, 5sos, and calum hood image
this one of my favorite songs by 5 seconds of summer by far. i used to love them for a long time but the last album, even though it was good and i cried a lot, it wasn't what i expected, but this song maked me fall in love with them all over again. by the way, their writing skills in this track were incredible.

🏹 6.- OKAY OKAY by Alessia Cara

"And I'll never know if I never commit
So here's me convincing myself I'm the shit"
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i have never been this huge fan of alessia's music, but like her music. this music is different of what i'm used to but i like the sunflower, yellow vibes.

🏹 7.- Liquor Store on Mars by Kelsy Karter

"Maybe New York or somewhere up the coast
London or Paris, nah I hate the cold
Seems to be everywhere I wanna go is still too close to you"
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recently i've been a huge fan, not only of kelsy but also of this song. this one of my favorite songs at the moment. believe me when i say, if you love 80's music and old 5 seconds of summer, you will love this one. give it try.

🏹 8.- FEELS LIKE HOME by Bea Miller (ft. Jessie Reyez)

"I need you to know the feeling's new
But if you ask me where I'm from
I say, "You", 'cause you feel like home"
aesthetic, aurora, and girl girly lady image jessie reyez image
bea is one of my favorite female singers, and jessie is my current obsession with her unique voice. for me, this song is an absolute miracle. i waited for this to happen for so long. if you love either of this singers you will love it.

🏹 9.- What Am I by Why Don't We

"I know your heart is beating quick
And if you put your head on my chest hear the same in mine"
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i've been a huge fan of why don't we since february of last year because of 'trust fund baby', but this year we have been blessed with them uploading a song each month. last month this song came out and i've been in love since then. this track you could easily enjoy it and picture an ocean and beach in your head.

🏹 10.- Speechless by Naomi Scott

"Written in stone
Every rule, every word
Centuries old and unbending
Stay in your place
Better seen and not heard
But now that story is ending"
actress, aladdin, and jasmine image aladdin, brown hair, and naomi scott image
at the beginning i wasn't quite sure if i liked that they created a new song to the classic movie, but i loved that they added an empowering song. naomi did an amazing job with it and i can't be more happy with it.

this were 10 of my 'last added' this day.

other artist's that you could find today are:
ILLENIUM, Jon Bellion, Charli XCX, Christine and the Queens, The Smiths, Manuel García, Rosalía, Clairo, Twenty One Pilots, The Wombats, and more

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