|in this Rey is not a Jedi|

Birthday:18 ABY,fourteen years after the Battle of Endor.
Occupation:Jedi,mechanic and pilot


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ginger hair and bright orange eyes


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on Jakku and during the journey(the force awakens)
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during the training as a Jedi
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formal meeting


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she is the daughter of Amren Theta,Leia best friend and commander of the Resistance,and Zelo Kenobi,son of Obiwan Kenobi,jebi and sith.She was born fourteen years after the battle of Endor on Naboo.Obiwan had brought Amren there after he had discovered that his daughter in law was pregnant and that his son was a sith.After that Zelo had discovered where is wife and daughter were,he went to Naboo but Obiwan mad them escape and he had stayed on Naboo to try so save his only child.However Zelo died,Amren and Malia,who was jus one years old, went to Jakku where she was helped by Rey'parents.The year later Amren had died due to an illiness,while Rey's parents had left the two little girls.Rey took care of Malia like she was her little sister,they have learned how to survive and they have become talented mechanics and wariors while they waited for Rey'parents to return.She is a force sensible like her father and grandfhater and her life changed when she and Rey met BB-8,Finn and Anakin.She become a Jedi with Anakin Solo under Luke Skywalker training.


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Jedi powers and abilities


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Rey:older sister
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Amren Kenobi(nee Theta):mother,decessed.
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Zelo Kenobi:father,decessed.
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Obiwan Kenobi:grandfather


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Leia,Han Solo,Luke Skywalker,Chewbeeca,Poe and Finn.


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she is a mechanic and she is really skilled as a pilot


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Jakku:where she grown and lived


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Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and the first Order


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Anakin Solo:he is the youngest son of Leia Ortega and Han solo,and Ben little brother.After what happened with Ben,Anakin was devasted because he really loved his brother and he looked up to him for everything.Leia had decied to not train Anakin as a Jedi because she was afraid that Ben could take him with him.He had met Malia when he snuck away to find his bestfriends:Poe and BB-8.After he had met his brother again he was blinded by him to join the Dark Side,while Kylo tried it again with Malia telling her to kill Rey,she fought againts him and after she won she took both Rey and Anakin with her.He then met hi uncle Luke Skywalker and he and Malia were trained together to become Jedi and to save Ben Solo,while they get close and close to each other.