frozen// sabrina claudio

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
the leaves will turn again / and time will be frozen for us

like you// alessia cara

theme and rp theme image Temporarily removed
you say 'I never ever ever met a girl like you' / and boy, you never will

Saint-Tropez// post malone

green, aesthetic, and alternative image Image removed
i said i'm sorry mama for my vices

phase me out//verite

water, aesthetic, and blue image theme, flowers, and blue image
stand up straighter with my back against the wall / keep me still and wondering just why we falter

palm dreams// hayley kiyoko

pink, aesthetic, and glasses image vintage, aesthetic, and orange image
i'm shinin' like the cars and rings / the palms see everything

burn the house down// AJR

red, aesthetic, and heart image red, aesthetic, and grunge image
should i keep it light / stay out of the fight/ no one's gonna listen to me

some bops for the month of September. thanks for reading.